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From the fury of the northmen O Lord deliver us!


Viking Victory!You may think that this heartfelt prayer has come down to us unchanged across centuries to give an accurate picture of the terror that the Vikings inspired in the Saxon people of England, but as evocative as it is, all of the evidence points to a more modern source - the phrase was used in the introduction of his book "The Vikings" by Johannes Brøndsted (Harmondsworth/Penguin, 1960), but there is no evidence for it before this time. Indeed, as the knowledge of historians and archaeologists improves year by year, the image of the Viking Age as a time of abrupt violence is becoming merely a footnote, and the enormous cultural heritage of what is known as the Viking Age is coming to the fore.

Founded in 1971, The Vikings are the oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK, and probably the world. With over 700 members throughout Britain, and others in Europe and the US, The Vikings are the premier society presenting re-enactments of the Viking Age. While the Society concentrates mainly on the 10th Century, some events are set in the wider period from 790 to 1066, with the appropriate modifications to dress and equipment used. Our aim is to provide an accurate and educational portrayal of the Viking period, with an equal emphasis on the daily life of the period, and on the more warlike aspects of life in what was a formative period in European history.

Our events are renowned for the high standard of presentation, historical accuracy and attention to detail, and for the scale and impact of our combat displays, as well as for our extensive static displays which present a cross-section of life in the tenth century. Whether you are interested in booking The Vikings for your event, coming to watch our displays, joining the ranks of our membership, or studying the Viking Age in either an educational or personal setting, we hope to present information on these pages which you will find useful.


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