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May 04 - 06

Corfe Castle, The Square, CORFE CASTLE, Dorset, BH20 5EZ

Medium Hrafnslith See as VCal

Alfred & Guthrum Corfe Castle Welcome to the Saxon stronghold of Corfe Cap.

This weekend we are re-creating the events surrounding the Alliance between the Saxons and the Brythonic Kings as a response to the arrival of the Danish Great Army. King Alfred is gathering his allies and the army of Wessex at Corfe Burgh ready to march on Exeter, which has been recently captured and sacked by he Vikings.

The Vikings take the initiative and head to Corfe in the hope of striking an early blow whilst the alliance is still forming. (OK we made this bit up Lets have a battle!). This was to be the beginning of a long and brutal campaign against Haestans Danish army.

Follow the story from 10am when the gates open with a skirmish, have alook around our L.H.E encampment & talk to he saxon/viking ladies & warriors, see how the justice is served in the king Alfred court. You can see your children train to be in the saxon fryd & watch the two armies muster in the square before the main battle this will finish of your great day in this stunning castle

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