Events in May 2019

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May 04

Northam Mayfair - The Rectory, Fore St, Northam, EX39 1AW

Minor Hildsvin See as VCal

On the 4th May 2019 (the 950th anniversary) the cries of Odin will ring out and the Saxon Fyrd will be raised to repel the Norse invaders as they spread a wave of terror and turmoil over the kingdom; come along to Northam May fair and thrill to the sights and sounds of exhilarating, desperate battles, as the Saxons and Vikings clash contending with: spear, sword, shield and axe, if you under 10 you can even take a stand against our warriors.

Explore a Dark-Age encampment see how your ancestors lived, hear how they lived, smell how they lived! Meet Woden’s raven & our friendly wolves, try on helmets and handle real weapons, maybe even mint your own coin; the experience is like horrible histories bought to life but louder! Come and meet Hildsvin, you can be sure that your life will never be quite the same again.

Hildsvin – Casting light on the Dark-Ages, we might be history boars, but we like make learning fun!

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May 04 - 06

Corfe Castle, The Square, CORFE CASTLE, Dorset, BH20 5EZ

Medium Hrafnslith See as VCal

Alfred & Guthrum Corfe Castle Welcome to the Saxon stronghold of Corfe Cap.

This weekend we are re-creating the events surrounding the Alliance between the Saxons and the Brythonic Kings as a response to the arrival of the Danish Great Army. King Alfred is gathering his allies and the army of Wessex at Corfe Burgh ready to march on Exeter, which has been recently captured and sacked by he Vikings.

The Vikings take the initiative and head to Corfe in the hope of striking an early blow whilst the alliance is still forming. (OK we made this bit up Lets have a battle!). This was to be the beginning of a long and brutal campaign against Haestans Danish army.

Follow the story from 10am when the gates open with a skirmish, have alook around our L.H.E encampment & talk to he saxon/viking ladies & warriors, see how the justice is served in the king Alfred court. You can see your children train to be in the saxon fryd & watch the two armies muster in the square before the main battle this will finish of your great day in this stunning castle

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May 11 - 12

Stotfold Mill Steam Fair and Country Show

Minor Wryngwyrm See as VCal

This weekend show takes place at Stotfold Watermill and Nature Reserve, Beds.

From steam engines to vintage cars, flying displays and an arena full of activities for the whole family. A funfair, live music and plenty to see and do. Free parking.

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May 18

Sedgefield Village, Durham.

Minor Acle See as VCal

This will be Acle s eigth consecutive appearence at Sedgefield Medieval Fayre. Living history and combat displays throughout the day.

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May 19

Walsworth Festival, Hitchin

Minor Wryngwyrm See as VCal

Community event, stalls, food, music, entertainment from 10am-4pm.

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May 19

Houghall college durham city

Minor Dunholm See as VCal

Dunholm Vikings will be demonstrating the crafts, costumes and combat of the Viking Age at the Spring Fair

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May 25 - 26

Dunstaffnage Castle, Castle Grounds, Dunbeg, Oban PA37 1PZ

Minor The Glasgow Vikings See as VCal

The MacDougalls of Dunstaffnage had a long association with the Vikings and Norway – come and learn all about it. Watch fearless Viking warriors in thrilling clashes. Wander through the encampment to find out how they lived, what they ate and how they made their weapons & clothes.

Strike a Viking coin, make some flour and try on a helmet or two. Listen to a Viking scald tell a saga and find out why they did not wear horned helmets!!!!

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May 25 - 27

Rhuddlan Castle, Rhuddlan, NE Wales

Medium Cwmwd Ial See as VCal

Rhuddlan Castle 26th/27th May The Battle of Rhuddlan 1062 A.D

‘King Gruffydd’s last stand’

Rhuddlan Castle will celebrate one of its earliest and decisive battles, fought in an age long before the construction of King Edward I castle. We will take you back to the age of the Welsh King Gruffydd ap Llywelyn and to the year 1062 AD, the year of Gruffydd’s final stand against the might of the Anglo-Saxons led by Earl Harold Godwinson (the ill-fated King Harold of the Battle of Hastings).

You will be able to walk amongst the Saxon, Welsh and Viking encampments, talk to the warriors, traders and camp followers.This year sees the 957th anniversary of the death of King Gruffydd ap Llewellyn. The Vikings Society will be showcasing the King’s last major military action which took place in the last week of December 1062 – the Battle of Rhuddlan. Shortly afterwards, according to Welsh chronicles, in the Spring of 1063, King Gruffydd ap Llewellyn was killed. During the weekend’s event, not only will visitors meet Gruffydd ap Llewellyn, and his Queen, but they will encounter Earl Harold Godwinson, the ill-fated King Harold of the Battle of Hastings.

The event will take place on Sunday and Monday between 10.00am and 5.00pm. For more information on events, visit, find Cadw on Facebook or follow @CadwWales on Twitter.

Provisional Timetable:

Saxon, Welsh and Viking military encampments open to the public – 10am

SKIRMISH – King Gruffydd’s stronghold attacked by Saxon raiders - 11.30am

King Gruffydd’s War Council. (Inner Ward encampment). 12:45am Meet the Welsh King, his Queen, council and battle commanders.

Raising the ‘Young Warriors Army’. 13:15 Bring your children along to be recruited into the Welsh/Viking army.

Mustering the two armies in preparation for the Battle of Rhuddlan. 14:30 Your chance to march with the Welsh army to the field of battle. Closely followed by Earl Harold’s Anglo-Saxons.

Battle of Rhuddlan 15:00

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May 25 - 27

Harwell, Didcot OX11 0LJ

Medium Ulfhrafnar See as VCal

Sunday 26th 12.00 – 17.00 Living history camp open to public, come and see day to day life in camp with crafts and daily chores. Watch the warriors practice their skills, talk to them about their weapons and get to try out the weight of helmets shields and chainmail.

Monday 27th 11.00 – 17.00 The main event Harwell Feast ( ) will begin with a parade down Harwell High Street finishing at the show ground.

Living history camp open to public, come and see day to day life in camp with crafts and daily chores. Talk to the warriors about their weapons and get to try out the weight of helmets shields and chainmail. We will have two arena slots, first one will be a weapons display, and second one will be the main battle with shield walls.

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May - Jun '19 31/05 - 02/06

UK Games Expo, NEC, North Avenue, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT

Medium Ardenweard See as VCal

Come and see the Viking village whilst visiting one of the biggest and best tabletop gaming conventions in the world.

Try on armour and hold the weapons. Check out all the dark age crafts going on in the village. Watch the epic battles in the arena and cheer your favourite warrior in the tournaments.

If you re 10 and under, have a go at fighting the vikings in the arena!

There is always something going on in the village and we are back this year even bigger and better than ever!

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