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July 20 - 21

Heysham Viking Festival

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The year is 937 and the combined forces of Olaf Guthfrithson, King of Dublin; Constantine, King of Scotland; and Owen, king of Strathclyde, are marching south to engage Æthelstan, king of England at the great battle of Brunanburgh. This decisive battle will once and for all cement England into a single nation. An Alliance scouting party raids Heysham village for supplies. Can the local warriors beat them off and save the village? The first annual Heysham Viking Festival celebrates 1200 years of Viking heritage. The day starts at 10:30am with a parade of Viking warriors through the village, with weapons demonstrations, acting, a battle, and the chance for children to test themselves against the ferocious Viking warriors in battle. On Sunday see individual warriors pit themselves in single combat against others to become the Heysham Champion, as well as all the other activities. Throughout the weekend there is a busy Viking market and living history encampment with displays of traditional crafts, a Viking longship, as well as a funfair for those with more adventurous tastes.

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