Warrior in chainmail, in the middle of a raging battle

Arena Displays

Our displays centre around arena displays of combat skills. These can vary from weapon displays, small skirmishes to large battles involving well over 300 warriors - we will discuss the size of event with you beforehand and ensure we have the number attending to meet your needs.

Arena events can include:

  • A display by an archery unit, including a target archery competition
  • A talk and demonstration of period weaponry and their use in warfare
  • The telling, and acting out, of a story from a saga or historical event
  • Kiddie Vike - a chance of the public’s children to be drilled in shield wall technique and take part in a controlled mock battle using equipment supplied by us
  • A small skirmish, or raiding party - perhaps interacting with the audience
  • A display of horsemanship, riding in a Norman Conroi
  • A full Dark Age battle, usually based on an actual historical local event researched and scripted by us as part of the service

We work with small, medium and national organisations all of the time. Our regular larger clients include English Heritage, National Trust, Cadw, Jorvik Viking Centre, and many Borough Councils up and down the country.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will start to plan your event with you.