The Shieldwall, against a bright-blue sky

Join Us

Would you like to join a dynamic, fascinating hobby which can take you around amazing venues, recreating a period of our history filled with heroes and villains alike? Then why not join us! It really is easy and costs less than £2 per month!

To take part in our events, you need to become a member. In addition to our public displays, members participate in Viking banquets, training weekends and weekends living in the Dark Ages away from public view. If you are willing to travel, it is possible to appear at a show almost every weekend from Easter through to Autumn but you may instead choose only to attend one or two local events. Occasionally, we will offer the opportunity to travel overseas to an event, or to take part in film or TV work.

Depending on your interests, we can train you in the use of metal hand weapons, in the bow, sling or javelin, to fight on foot or on horseback, and to participate in any of a wide range of craft skills practice by our members. You may even sail a Viking longship! We are family-orientated, and our events include activities for young children and teenagers. We will help you put together your first costume and assemble enough kit to take part in your first event.

We recommend you join through your local area Group which will provide a support network.